Massage Therapy School in Orlando, FL

Blonde Woman Receiving a MassageDo you enjoy helping other people relax and heal? If so, a career in massage therapy might be right for you. Get started on your training by joining World of Beauty Academy. Our massage therapy school in Orlando, FL, offers a 500-hour course to get you ready for your state licensing exams. Several other cosmetology training programs are also available. Contact our school to learn more about the opportunities available to you.

Educational Objectives

The massage therapy program at our cosmetology school was carefully designed to meet required curriculum set by the Florida Department of Health, Division of the Board of Massage. Our primary goal is to prepare you to successfully take the national exam necessary to become a certified massage therapist. During our massage therapy course, you will also practice the necessary skills to succeed in your new field, either at salon, spa, or your own business.

Licensing Requirements

When you have successfully completed our 500-hour course, performed 75 massages, and earned a satisfactory score of at least 75% on our practical and written examination, a diploma will be issued to you. You are then eligible to sit for the National Exam 61G11.25.0001 for your license. A passing score on this exam is 70%. The application fee and examination fee for the National Exam is $225—alternatively, you can take MBLEX for $195.00. License fees in the state of Florida are $155.00 per 61G11-27.002. Talk to the staff at our massage therapy school to learn more about licensing requirements.

Massage Therapy Texts

  • Complete Review Guide
  • The Illustrated Atlas of Musculoskeletal Anatomy
  • Milady’s Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage (Includes Workbook)

Massage Therapy Course Costs

Start your journey to becoming a licensed massage therapist by joining our training program today. The total cost for our course is $3,900.00, including a $600.00 down payment. To make our course more affordable to you, flexible monthly payment plans are available. The total cost includes the following:

  • Registration - $600.00 (Non-Refundable)
  • Tuition - $3,300.00

Our massage therapy school also offers a number of different class times. This allows you to create a class schedule that fits into your busy life. Learn more about our efforts to make training accessible to everyone by reaching out to our staff.

Contact us for more information on enrolling in our massage therapy school and sitting for licensing examinations. Our school serves students and clients in Orlando, Florida.